Private paddock agistment, all with shelters, electric and safety stretch fencing.

- 100m x 20m indoor/outdoor arena
- 70m x 30m outdoor arena
- Undercover round yard
- 1000m walking track
- Yards
- Stables
- Hot wash
- Lockup tack/feed areas
- Float parking


$360 cal mth
AM feeding (feed supplied by owner). Rugging am. Top rug taken off if weather over 21°C
$410 cal mth
AM & PM feeding (feed supplied by owner).
Rugging am & pm. Top rug taken and put back on if weather over 21°C.
POA cal mth
Includes: Pellet or grain mix and chaff feed, plus a biscuit of hay feed twice daily (all feed supplied by Danima). Rugging am & pm. Horse bought in/out for farrier, vet, etc. Regular worming with worm pastes supplied by Danima. Paddock cleaned regularly.
$88 cal mth
$5.00 ea
PM feeding and/or rugging


All agisted horses are required to be wormed prior to commencing agistment on our premises. It is the owners responsibility to ensure that a worming regime is maintained.


There is aways the risks of sickness or injury to your horse, no matter how well the agistment property is maintained. Danima Equestrian Centre will make every effort to ensure that your horse remains safe and healthy. In the event that your horse becomes sick or is injured, all associated costs will be the responsibility of you the owner.
Please call your own veterinary clinic when required. If there is an urgent need to have a vet attend your horse and we are unable to contact you, and you have advised us of your preferred vet. Then we will contact that vet on your behalf. If your vet is unavailable we will then contact another vet on your behalf to attend your horse.
All veterinary expenses incurred will be payable by the owner.
Routine vaccinations, dental care, etc are the owners responsibility.


It is recommended that you insure your horse, saddlery and equipment against all risks. All equipment left in tack rooms is at your own risk.


When your horse is out of it's paddock they must be restrained at all times to ensure that safety of other people and other horses. Danima Equestrian Centre will not be responsible for any damage caused by your horse. Please ensure that all gates are closed, including your paddock gate, even when your horse is not in it's paddock.


Children must be supervised at all times.


Dogs are not permitted on the Danima Equestrian Centre property.


Floats may be left at Danima Equestrian Centre free of charge for agisters. Floats are left at the owner's risk. Floats may be moved by Danima Equestrian Centre staff if deemed necessary.


Agisters are required to give a minimum of one months notice to the owners of Danima Equestrian Centre prior to departure or you will forfeit your bond.

Danima Indoor Outdoor Arena

Private paddock and arena

Damina Round Yard

Danima Tackrooms

Danima Arena Yards